HearSay Legal Podcast: Excuse Me, I Was Speaking

Through dynamics of language, women justices on the U.S. Supreme Court have an uphill battle to get respect from their male colleagues. But do...

Hearsay Legal Podcast: When I’m King of the World

Sometimes the struggles of domestic violence survivors don’t end after they leave the relationship. This episode explores one woman’s experience with the access gap in legal services for domestic violence survivors and how legislative and judicial efforts are aiming to combat the problem.

HearSay Legal Podcast: Autonomous Vehicles

As Colorado legislation allows autonomous vehicles to rev up, what legal roadblocks will the new technology face?

HearSay Legal Podcast: Drones

The first U.S. law governing airplane flight wasn’t enacted until 22 years after the Wright brothers invented the powered airplane. With drones, the aircrafts are already used by police agencies, commercial businesses and hobbyists, but lawmakers are struggling to keep up.

HearSay Legal Podcast: A Story About Life

  Right-Click this link and 'Save As' to download a copyWARNING: This multimedia feature includes some strong language and content.HearSay Theme/Background Music: "Babylon" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Double Drift"...