Cyber Insurance Can Shield Businesses from Attack Costs

By: Catherine Crane HOLLAND & HARTBecause cyber insurance is a relatively new product, there is no “standardized” policy form. Policies tend to be lengthy and complicated...

Cybersecurity Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

By: Matthew Holohan and Raymond Aghaian KILPATRICK TOWNSEND & STOCKTONWith more and more companies falling prey to cyberattacks, cybersecurity protections have become an important aspect...

The IP Trifecta

By Michael Dulin, Margaret Arcaro, and Taryn Elliott POLSINELLIIt is all too common that when a product finally achieves commercial success, copycats soon follow with...

High Court Rules in Favor of CO Land Developers

On April 17, 2017, the Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion with lasting importance for developers, builders, contractors, designers and homeowners in Colorado. The...

‘Sanctuary Cities’— No Lessons Learned

President Donald Trump is offering no carrots, just a rather pointed stick, for cities that choose not to act as de facto and de...

A ‘Renewed Commitment’ to Criminial Immigration Enforcement

Following a tour of our Southern border and an animated speech encouraging increased immigration enforcement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo asking U.S....

A New War on Marijuana?

The Trump Administration’s appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has given pause to even seasoned marijuana businesses.

Up In Smoke: Marijuana Businesses and Divorce

Just as in any industry, owners of marijuana dispensaries will not be, and have not been, immune to divorce.

Satisfying the Need for Qualified E-Neutrals

On today’s ESI landscape, company cloud-based storage, cyber security and personal voice mail, text messages and social media are considered within the realm of e-discovery

Patent Noninfringement, Pre- and Post-Halo

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Halo Electronics has fundamentally changed the landscape of willful patent infringement analysis.