Legislation Addresses Privacy Loopholes

Two pieces of legislation proposed this year, both focused on data security, aim to re-spark the conversation surrounding what constitutes a reasonable expectation of privacy for U.S. citizens.

Law Firms ‘Soft Targets’ for Hacking

Security breaches have become a common occurrence for all businesses, and law firms are no different.

Fighting Back, Keeping Pace

In response to the increasing number of cyber attacks around the globe, many law firms and organizations are turning to their own privacy and security attorneys to become certified ethical hackers.

Michael Dougherty Running for Attorney General

Michael Dougherty believes the state Attorney General should be someone with experience as a prosecutor. And with a career in prosecutors offices and working...

2017: The Year of Construction Defects

Although 2017 is being called the most productive legislative session in state history, it is likely to be remembered as the year construction defects reform worked.

Road to Nowhere

Colorado’s transportation budget remains strained as lawmakers try to reconcile with a debate on increased taxes or reallocation within the state budget.

Trump Issues First Cybersecurity Order

Days before the “WannaCry” cyber attack made headlines around the world for its impact, President Trump made good on his efforts to improve U.S. cyber security with his first cyber security executive order.

Sanctuary City: A Label With No Legal Definition

With immigration a major national issue, sanctuary cities were a huge talking point in the 2017 legislature, for those on both sides of the aisle.

Big Deals First Quarter

2017 started with a bang, with the most transactions reported to Law Week since 2014 and three in the billions. Sixty-seven deals closed in the first three months of the year.

America Invents: Patent Litigation in the Courts

These issues in patent litigation have been brought to the forefront as practitioners wait on a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could change how, and where, patents are filed.