Budget Proposal Includes Labor Agency Overhaul

As the Trump administration looks to slash the federal budget, several government agencies are expected to be downsized or combined. And one area that...

Allison Eid Nominated for 10th Circuit Seat

According to reports from the Washington Times and the Denver Post, Eid is President Trump's pick to fill the seat vacated by now-Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Colorado on the National Stage

A handful of high-profile cases originating in Colorado were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. One notable case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, has been listed for 14 conferences since September, but the Supreme Court has yet to grant a review for it. Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado also awaits a decision from the Colorado Supreme Court, after it was remanded by the U.S. Supreme Court in March.

Appointments Made to IEC, Supreme Court Nominating Commission

Gov. John Hickenlooper announced appointments to the Independent Ethics Commission and the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. The Independent Ethics Commission is charged with the implementation...

Notable Criminal Cases from the High Court

While some of Colorado’s most high-profile criminal decisions landed at the U.S. Supreme Court this past year, others made less seismic shifts in state case law. Criminal matters are the most prolific at the Colorado Supreme Court and Colorado Court of Appeals, making up about 60 percent or more of their dockets in any given year. Law Week takes a look at some of the more notable cases from the docket this year that dealt specifically with Colorado.

Changing the Legal Landscape

What happens when a dissolution of marriage ends with a question of embryotic property? Or when a court decides laches could be used in the collection of the principal in unpaid child support? Over the past year, Colorado’s appellate court system has come across three family law cases that have changed the legal landscape of family law in the state.

Undecided Opinions

The Colorado Supreme Court’s spring term is over, but the justices’ work is far from done. The court heard arguments in more than 80 cases between October and June, and has yet to deliver opinions in more than half of them. While many of the court’s cases come up through the criminal and family courts, others came from the civil docket and could bring big changes to case law, depending on how the court rules in the coming months.

Civil Justice Reform Has New ‘Roadmap’

Efforts to boost civil justice reform just got another push forward and a “roadmap” for state courts for the next steps.The Institute for the...

Securing Networks Through Public-Private Partnership

Although President Trump is living up to his campaign promise to prioritize the national infrastructure’s resistance to cyberattacks, incentives for private industry players to aid in that goal might look pretty familiar.

Legislation Addresses Privacy Loopholes

Two pieces of legislation proposed this year, both focused on data security, aim to re-spark the conversation surrounding what constitutes a reasonable expectation of privacy for U.S. citizens.