Top Women Attorneys 2017: Mindy Sooter

Mindy Sooter focuses her practice in telecommunications, electrical engineering and computer science. But in a previous life, she was an engineer as well as a perennial student.

Top Women Attorneys 2017: Peg Perl

When attorney Peg Perl moved to Colorado from Washington, D.C., she saw the opportunity to make a career change and focus on issues closer to home in the public interest.

Top Women Attorneys 2017: Kristin Lentz

Davis Graham & Stubbs co-managing partner and corporate transaction attorney Kristin Lentz is making history as the first female managing partner at 102-year-old law firm Davis Graham & Stubbs.

Top Women Attorneys 2017: Elizabeth Paulsen

In addition to her corporate practice, Elizabeth Paulsen is considered one of the top attorneys in the growing online and social gaming industries.

Top Women Attorneys 2017: Cynthia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman holds the highest office among Republican women in the state, one of only three females in her party serving as an attorney general nationally and one of only nine total females in that role.

Cops and the ‘Cowboy Culture’

Local shooting case sheds light on a national issue of substandard law enforcement training, exposes ‘pseudo-science-based” expert

Workers Win in Vail Valley

The undocumented workers who frequently staff Colorado ski resorts saw a collective victory with a case last year involving state and national prosecuting agencies as well as Dener law firm Rathod Mohamedbhai.

Top Verdicts 2016

The list of 2016’s largest verdicts and background information on the cases was provided by Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado.

The Next in ‘a Variety of -Isms’

Attorneys marry old case law with novel social issues in legal fight over wedding cake.

Dancers Demand Living Wages

A March federal court ruling in favor of exotic dancers who brought a lawsuit against their employer defends employees and their right to fair wages and working conditions.