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Congress Considers Comp Time for Private Sector

Working Families Flexibility Act, Steve Gutierrez, Holland & Hart, Michael Belo, Spencer Fane

Bill Defines PTSD Coverage for First Responders

A bill that will allow first responders who are exposed to repeated violence, death and trauma to file for workers’ compensation is one step closer to becoming law.

Employers Brace for Workplace Raids to Return Under Trump

U.S. employers saw a long respite from federal immigration raids. But that’s expected to change soon.

Antitrust Cases of Bundling a Matter of Market Share

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on last month provided one more data point to provide guidance for antitrust attorneys in an area without a large body of case law.

High Court Shuts Down Laches as Patent Defense

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, patent owners might have more flexibility in how long they wait to file a patent infringement claim.

10th Circuit Affirms Rules for Receivership

The case affirmed a district court rule that said a court appointed receiver could represent a group of individuals victimized in fraud cases.

Damage Control for Employees’ Online Posts Can Prove Risky

An employee might not have been cautious when posting inflammatory comments online, but the employer should be when determining whether to terminate him or her for it.

Courts Reining in EEOC ‘Fishing Expeditions?’

Some employers are pushing back on what they say are overly broad subpoenas issued to them by the EEOC. They might be encouraged by a recent 10th Circuit decision, but what about the other appeals courts set to weigh in on the agency’s subpoena powers?

Avoiding Direct Negligence When ‘the Master Answers’

The Colorado Supreme Court issued an opinion Feb. 27 where it barred a direct negligence claim, highlighting differences between direct liability and vicarious liability.

Reform Bill Aims to Shake Up Class Actions

One of the latest pro-business bills introduced in Congress could load up defendants with new tools for squashing a class action claim in its early stages.