Judge Profile: William Lucero

Most state judges don’t have to spend much time explaining their job to lawyers. But there aren’t many jurists out there with a position...

Judge Profile: Katherine Delgado

Judge Kathy Delgado’s experience on the bench, and expectations for lawyers appearing before her, come down to one thing: respect for the parties involved.And...

Judge Profile: Ingrid Bakke

Chief Judge Ingrid Bakke’s legal philosophy on her approach to the bench is simple: do no harm, and get it right.

Judge Profile: Charles Pratt

If you’re a civil litigator who yearns to get into the courtroom more often, consider becoming a judge someday.That’s one of the reasons Judge...

Judge Profile: Philip McNulty

Chief Judge Philip McNulty of the 1st Judicial District received some of his most important advice early in his 21 years as a judge.

Judge Profile: Jaclyn Brown

Although Judge Jaclyn Brown was only appointed to the 17th Judicial District Court a year ago, she knew for a long time that she would one day become a judge.

Judge Profile: Norma Sierra

Though 20th Judicial District Court Judge Norma Sierra found herself in the job unexpectedly, she reveres the position.

Judge Profile: Michael Martinez

2nd Distruct Judge Michael Martinez doesn’t see the need to hide his personality in court or at home.


In this month's judge profile, Law Week sits down with Denver County Court Judge John Marcucci about the court's heavy caseload and the social issues he sees everyday on his docket

Judge Profile: Craig Welling

Craig Welling, the newest member of the Court of Appeals said it’s too early to tell on many aspects of life as a judge on the bench.