Robert Charles Browne

‘The Devil’s Right-Hand Man’ and Self-Professed Colorado Serial Killer

While Browne’s already serving a life sentence for one murder, investigators remain fascinated by his motivations and claims to have killed more.
Luis Archuleta, left, and Daril Cinquanta, right.

2020 Arrest Made for ‘Cop Shooter’ and Two-time Prison Escapee Luis Archuleta

Luis Archleta, also known as Larry Pusateri and Ramon Montoya, was detained one year ago for escaping from a Colorado prison in 1974.
A protestor holds a sign high that reads "equal rights."

Colorado’s First Steps Toward Equality, a Continuing Effort

The CRA joined several other civil rights laws on the books, but the state made little progress toward equality until the 1960s and '70s.
Pro-life protestors use a megaphone.

The History Behind Colorado’s ‘Limited Loading Buffer Zone’

While Colorado's law drew criticism from protestors, it stood up to the First Amendment claim leveled in Hill v. Thomas in 1999.
Bonny Baker

Bonny Baker’s 2021 Cold Case Arrest Five Months Shy of 23rd Anniversary

Denver Police made another cold case arrest in January, charging Crespin Nene-Perez for the murder of Bonny Baker in June 1998.
Joseph Henry Stuart

The Lawyer-Turned-Legislator Who First Tackled Racial Discrimination in Colorado

Joseph H. Stuart was the first Black legislator in Colorado and introduced a bill to ensure equal access to public places for all.
Alan Berg

Lawless Order: The Murder of Alan Berg

While most Coloradans knew Berg for his radio show, some may know he previously served as a lawyer in Chicago.
Byron White

“Whizzer” White’s Legacy in Law

Byron White was best known in Denver for his contributions to law, though some may also know him from his impressive football career.
An exterior photo of Salon Ocampo

2005 Denver Shooting Led to International Incident with Mexico

In May 2005, Colorado became an epicenter in immigration controversy after a shooting took place in a Denver dance hall.

The Lawyer Who ‘Broke Race Barrier to Become Judge’

Judge James Flanigan set a “first” for Colorado in 1957 when he became the state’s first Black judge.