Legal Lasso: Immigration Advocates Call for Detainee Release

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Immigration Advocates Call for Detainees’ Release
It was confirmed earlier this week that an employee at the immigrant detention center has COVID-19. Immigration advocates are now calling for detainees’ release in order to protect them from the outbreak.

Denver Looks to Adjust to Drop in Tax Revenue 
As businesses go quiet, tax revenue dries up. The city is looking to cut its budget in order to adjust for the drop.

Jefferson County Separates Inmates That Might Have COVID-19
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has reopened a portion of the seventh floor of the county jail to house inmates that are showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Should We Close Public Land?
Colorado’s public lands can’t legally be closed to the public, but residents in the state’s mountain towns are looking for ways to restrict access in order to prevent the coronavirus spread in their communities.

Coloradans Stranded Abroad
There are at least a few Coloradans in the 50,000 Americans abroad who are stranded outside the country or struggling to get home maid the coronavirus outbreak.



Hiring Goes Online
Offices might be shut down but that doesn’t mean that hiring has stopped. Law firms are turning to videoconferencing to interview candidates, and some new hires will likely take jobs at offices they’ve never seen.

Washington Considers a Temporary Changes for 401(k) Rules
Washington lawmakers are considering a stimulus plan that would allow Americans to tap into their tax-deferred accounts without penalties and relax rules on 401(k) loans would also be relaxed.

House to Pass Relief Package
The U.S. House of Representatives is on track to pass a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package today.

Now is Not the Time for Your Unicorn Lawsuit
A federal judge got upset with a company that demanded a hearing for its copyright infringement lawsuit while the coronavirus brings society to its knees.

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