1981 Cherry Hills Cold Case Gets 2021 Arrest

Sylvia Quayle, who was close with her family and lived a short distance away from her parents, was a history enthusiast, artist and an excellent cook as she started her own wedding cake business, according to a KIRO7 article from March 1. / CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT
Investigators on Feb. 25 announced a suspect was arrested in connection with the 1981 rape and murder of Sylvia Quayle. The case remained cold for 40 years until a coordinated effort between the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Metro Crime Stoppers and United Data Connect led to the arrest of suspect David Anderson last month, according to February coverage by the Denver Post. Quayle was found by her father on Aug. 4, 1981, in her Cherry Hills Village home strangled, stabbed, raped and shot with a .22-caliber gun. An autopsy revealed she died from blood loss caused by stab wounds and the g

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