Law Week Colorado is an award-winning independent newspaper. We reserved this page for bragging rights. Awards listed below were granted by the Colorado Press Association as well as the Society of Professional Journalists. For additional information on the stories below, Contact Us.


2015 Society of Professional Journalists 

Feature Page Design

  • Second Place: “A Look Under the Dome”

Legal: Enterprise Reporting

  • First Place: “A Story About Life”  
  • Second Place: “A Question About Alms”
  • Third Place: “Guardrails in the Sky: The Legal Horizon of Drones”  

Info Graphic Design 

  • Third Place: Capital Punishment in Colorado   

Health: General Reporting

  • Second Place: “Medical Malpractice: A Look Under the Cap”  



2014 Society of Professional Journalists 

Legal: General Reporting 

  • First Place: “Bare-Bones Budget Causes DA Skeleton Crew” 
  • Third Place: “Asylum Treacherous For Artesia Immigrants”

Public Service

  • Third Place: “Is Hypothetical Pot Repeal Possible?”

Legal: Enterprise Reporting

  • Second Place: Juvenile Life Without Parole Series

 Front Page Design  

  • Third Place: Intellectual Property


2013 Society of Professional Journalists 

Legal: General Reporting

  • Second Place: “Hot On The Money Trail”
  • Third Place: “Third Time’s No Charm”

News Feature

  • First Place: “A Case For Asylum”
  • Third Place: “Hope Springs Eternal”


Breaking News

  • First Place: “Colorado Supreme Court Answers: Are Kids Clients?”

General Reporting

  • First Place: “Wal-Mart granted Retrial”


News Feature

  • Second Place: “A Tale of Two Lawyers”

Public Service

  • Third Place: “Making A Case: With Retention Effort Afoot, Who Speaks For Justices?”

Arts & Entertainment Reporting

  • First Place: “Supreme Court Leaves Mural Hanging”

Legal General Reporting

  • First Place: “Prosecutors Can’t Use Word ‘Lies’ to Describe Lies”
  • Second Place: “A Question of IQ”
  • Third Place: “No Body, No Murder?”

Legal Feature Writing

  • First Place: “Home of the Brave”
  • Second Place: “Road To Redemption”
  • Third Place: “Right To Remain Frozen”

Legal Investigative/Enterprise Reporting

  • First Place: “So Hard to Say Goodbye”
  • Second Place: “Mullarkey Out‚ Who’s In?”
  • Third Place: “Cortez Controversy”

Multimedia Story

  • Second Place: “Denver Justice Center: A Tour”

Feature Photography

  • First Place: “Home of the Brave”


Circuit Media journalists have been advised by the Colorado Press Association that they have won awards in at least two categories — Public Service and News — in the association’s 2009 Better Newspaper Contest.


Investigative/Enterprise Reporting

    • First Place: “Grading the Graders”

Judge’s comment: “An ambitious, well done series on articles on evaluating Colorado judges. The reporting is in-depth and balanced. Law Week Colorado deserves kudos for devoting important resources of staff and time to produced this series of articles and should be proud of the results.”

  • Second place: “The First 50”

Legal Affairs Reporting, News or Feature

    • First Place: “Legal Persuasion Renews Absinthe Sales”

Judges’ comment: “A well-written article about a little-understood alcoholic drink and how some attorneys–who have a vested interest as absinthe producers–played a role in making it available again. The reporter addressed a rarely covered topic–attorneys who are also businessmen and how the two areas can actively intersect.”

  • Second Place: “The Truth About Crocs and Elevators”
  • Third Place: Emile Hallez, “War-Crimes Case”

Feature Writing, Business

  • Second Place: “TV Ads Go Beyond ‘Jackpot Justice’”
  • Third Place: “A Starring Role, Courtside”

General Reporting, Series of Package

  • Third Place: “State of Salaries”
  • Political Reporting, News or Feature
  • Second Place: “Prayer Protest”