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A Preview of Likely Environmental Actions
President Joe Biden’s EPA has a huge task ahead of it in restoring environmental and climate regulations rolled back during the Trump administration.

Court of Appeals Rules on Virtual Hearings
The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that a court did not violated a party’s constitutional rights by holding a parental-rights hearing conducted virtually.

Coloradans Join Department of Transportation
John Putnam, who has been serving as director of environmental programs at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will be a deputy general counsel for the U.S. Department of Transportation. He’ll also be joined by another Colorado state employee at the department. (Denver Post)

Will Colorado Keep the BLM?
Western Slope leaders met this week to discuss the possibility that the Bureau of Land Management might leave its new Grand Junctions home and how they can fight to keep it there.

El Paso County Had Masks but Didn’t Give them to Inmates
The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, which faces an ACLU lawsuit alleging it didn’t do enough to protect the health of inmates, paid $80,000 for masks but didn’t provide them to inmates prior to a coronavirus outbreak. (Colorado Springs Gazette)



Three Justices Missed the Inauguration
This week’s inauguration was the first time in 20 years that not all U.S. Supreme Court justices attended a president’s swearing in. The three oldest justices avoided the ceremony due to the pandemic.

BigLaw Partner Says She Was Ostracized
A former nonequity partner at a BigLaw firm alleges in a lawsuit that her male colleagues treated her unfairly, and the law firm allowed it to happen.

Google Seeks to Move Antitrust Suit
Google is asking a judge to move its Texas-filed antitrust lawsuit to California, saying there are more relevant witnesses in that state.

Judge Says NRA Lawsuit Can Move Forward
A New York judge has rejected a National Rifle Association bid to dismiss, pause or transfer a lawsuit by the state of New York that could shut down the organization.

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