Entering into Retirement, Dan Recht Plans to Work ‘A Lot’
Criminal Defense lawyer Recht is proud of the firm he leaves behind

by Avery Martinez
Dan Recht

Recht Kornfeld founder Dan Recht retired from his criminal defense practice Jan. 1.

Dan Recht, criminal defense lawyer and co-founder of Recht Kornfeld, officially entered retirement on Jan. 1. While his retirement is in effect, his work in civil issues is not.

Recht has served on boards of many groups that have shaped criminal defense law, including serving as president of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and chairing the ACLU of Colorado and 2nd Judicial District Judicial Performance Commission. And his representative work includes defending the Denver Nuggets and the Tattered Cover Bookstore.

In the Tattered Cover case, Recht defended the booksellers’ right to keep customer purchases confidential from the local police department. He argued to the Colorado Supreme Court that both the U.S. and Colorado constitutions protected the right to receive and distribute information and ideas and purchase reading material anonymously.

Recht helped found his namesake firm Recht Kornfeld in 2002 with criminal defense attorney Rick Kornfeld. Kornfeld said that Recht’s clients and “every judge or justice before whom he’s ever appeared can see what a committed advocate Dan is.”

“Dan knows that principled lawyering is essential to ensuring fairness in the judicial system and protecting our fundamental rights,” Kornfeld said.

As the firm has broadened beyond criminal defense in scope over the years, Recht said it has become a boutique firm of litigators.

Along with his partners, Recht said the firm has always chosen to grow slowly and take on lawyers who excel in their specialty and are ethical beyond reproach while fitting in the firm’s culture of informality and cooperation. “I’m terribly proud of it,” Recht said. “I’ve given over 40 years of my life with complete passion and commitment to criminal defense and this firm, and it is one of the prides of my adult life.”

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