LawBank Las Vegas: Legal Coworking Space Expands West
Coworking space moves into Nevada, eyes national expansion

by Avery Martinez
a conference room in LawBank's new Las Vegas coworking space

LawBank has opened its doors in downtown Las Vegas through a partnership with Fennemore Craig. / Courtes, LawBank

LawBank, a Denver-based coworking space, has opened a new location in Las Vegas, with immediately available commercial space for solo practitioners and small law firms in downtown Las Vegas.

“LawBank looks forward to contributing to the Nevada legal community and providing support for its independent law firms,” said of LawBank and real estate attorney Jay Kamlet.

Kamlet said tenants in the new space will have access to a professional office space. The building is located across the street from the bankruptcy court, state courts and blocks away from the Nevada Supreme Court building, according to Kamlet.

Kamlet said the key to LawBank is the “plug and play” nature, where a firm or attorney could come to Las Vegas and immediately have an office to use. While the design of the office is to allow immediate use, Kamlet warned that Colorado attorneys would not have reciprocity to practice in Nevada.

Jordan Deifik, cofounder of LawBank and CEO of Bastion a consulting and advisory firm of real estate development, said the Las Vegas move is just part of the eventual goal of the company gaining a national presence with locations around the .

LawBank’s model involves working with a larger firm to turn their unused office space into an area for LawBank’s solo and small firm members to use as a physical location, Deifik said. By sharing the office space, attorneys have access to others within the space and for co-counsel opportunities. The company currently has three locations in the Denver area, according to the LawBank website.

LawBank started its business model with the BigLaw firm Fennemore Craig in Denver which had unused office space, Deifik said. LawBank was able to fill the unused space with its members, eventually reaching 100% occupancy.

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