Up and Coming Lawyers 2020: Natalie Hausknecht
International experience spins into corporate practice

by Tony Flesor

Snapshot profile of Natalie HausknechtBefore becoming a lawyer, Natalie Hauknecht helped leaders around the world rebuild countries and adopt Democratic governments.

Now, as an associate at Gibson Dunn, working on government investigations and litigation is a smooth transition in her work.

Hauknecht has been practicing as an attorney since 2015, and in her career thus far, she has represented Fortune 500 clients in bet-the-business litigation and regulatory challenges. In the last year, she has represented clients like Facebook, Amazon and Uber, among other household names, in class action litigation involving worker classification laws and the ability to purchase consumer cannabis, as just an example. In her legal work and her international work before entering the profession, she has stood out among her peers in her work

She said she always wanted to become a lawyer. Her mother was a secretary for a judge, so she had an early introduction to the legal world. And through seeing friends go through legal processes and seeing justice issues such as racial discrimination touch people around her, she was drawn to the career.

Before following through with her goal of attending law school though, she spent nearly a decade working as an international consultant. She studied in Morocco on a National Security Education Program Boren Scholarship and also received a Marshall Scholarship to study the Middle East in the U.K.

And after the Iraq War, she spent a decade off and on in Iraq where she worked with the Kurdish people to rebuild. Through that work, she worked with President of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, and worked on ideas about how to democratize and rebuild political institutions — “the best job a 22-year-old could have,” she said.

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