CTLA Holds Awards Dinner at Denver Zoo
Monsanto lawsuit wins ‘Case of the Year,’ Lorraine Parker receives lifetime achievement award

by Jessica Folker
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The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association on Oct. 8 held its annual awards dinner at the Denver Zoo, where the group announced its Case of the Year Award winner and honored Lorraine Parker of Parker Lipman with a lifetime achievement award.

Wagstaff also received CTLA’s Access to Justice award, which recognizes “perseverance, courage and character” in cases of extraordinary circumstances.

The event, usually held in the spring, was postponed due to the pandemic and renamed the “Spring…ish Dinner 2020.” Before the award ceremony started, guests were encouraged to wander the zoo grounds and admire the rhinoceroses, elephants and emus while keeping a safe distance from the other humans in attendance.

This year’s Case of the Year Award winner was a case that made international headlines as the first federal court trial to hold the Monsanto Company accountable for its role in causing cancer. Attorneys from Andrus Wagstaff and the Moore Law Group were recognized for their work on behalf of California resident Edwin Hardeman, who sued Monsanto in 2016, alleging his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was a result of exposure to the company’s weed-killing product Roundup.

In March 2019, a federal jury in San Francisco awarded Hardeman more than $80 million, an amount a judge later reduced to $20 million. The New York Times called the verdict a “milestone in the contentious public debate over Roundup.” The case is currently on appeal in the 9th Circuit.

Attorneys Aimee Wagstaff, David Wool and Kathryn Forgie of Andrus Wagstaff PC and Jennifer Moore of the Moore Law Group represented Hardeman in the case.  When accepting the award, Wagstaff said, “This is really the case of a lifetime that you get as an attorney.”

Lorraine Parker received the Kenneth Norman Kripke Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors an attorney in practice for more than 25 years whose career has “exemplified the skills, ethics and dedication embodied in the CTLA mission.”

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