For Wellness, Lawyers Look to Stay Light on Their Feet
Some local attorneys discuss how dancing benefits health and community

by Jessica Folker
polsinelli shareholders dance

Polsinelli shareholder Colleen Faddick performs with Martez McKinzy during the 2018 Dancing with the Denver Stars event.

In 2016, Polsinelli shareholders Colleen Faddick and Bruce Johnson attended Dancing with the Denver Stars, a charity event they had learned about from a client. They didn’t know what to expect from the annual gala held by Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, but once they saw local business leaders and politicians take the stage to show off their moves alongside professional dancers, they were hooked.

“Bruce and I looked at each other and we thought, how do we do this?” Faddick said. “I think it was just the energy and the excitement and what looked to be a ridiculous amount of fun that got us involved in wanting to do it.”

Johnson went on to perform the next year, dancing to “Love Machine” by The Miracles at the Motown-themed gala, and Faddick took the stage in 2018 when the theme was “Vegas.” She danced to a mix of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and Diana Ross tunes from “The Wiz.”

The fundraiser’s cast of stars typically includes at least one or two lawyers, and those who have participated say the benefits of dance go beyond raising money for a good cause, with positive effects on mental and physical health.

“Every person that does Dancing with the Stars loses weight,” Johnson said. “I’ve been able to keep weight off and keep myself healthy by dancing along with other different types of physical exercise.”

“I think, for a lawyer, the physical and the mental are completely interconnected. My brain works better after I’ve worked out,” said Johnson, who continues to take dance classes through CPRD. He said he usually works four or five hours on Saturdays, starting his day at the office then leaving for a hip-hop class around 10 a.m. After class he’s “exhausted,” he said, “but then I come back and I work till one o’clock, and my brain is in just a completely different space.”


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