Legal Lasso: Jack Phillips is Back in Court

by Tony Flesor

We know a lot is changing right now. We’ll be keeping an up-to-date list with the most current status for court closings and event relocations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jack Phillips Asks to Have Civil Rights Lawsuit Dismissed
Masterpieces Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips is back in court and back in the news. He asked a Denver judge to toss out a civil rights lawsuit brought by a customer for refusing to make transgender reveal cake.

Texas Sues Colorado County Over Shutdown
Gunnison County is being sued by the Texas attorney general over a temporary policy that bans nonresidents from the area.

10th Circuit Favors Immigrant Farmworkers
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit found that a lower court acted appropriately when it treated allegations about nonpayment of farm workers as facts because the defendants refused to respond to questions.

Judge Sides With Sheriff’s Office in Immigration Lawsuit
A Teller County district judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against the county’s sheriff’s office for working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Denver Post)

Disease Testing System Wins Startup Contest
Darwin Biosciences’ “Sick Stick” won a CU startup pitch contest earlier this week. The innovation is a “saliva-based disease testing system” that can test for illnesses before the onset of symptoms.



Brooklyn Judge Dies of COVID-19
A judge who ran his court as business as usual during the coronavirus pandemic has died of complications related to COVID-19.

New York Courts Open Back Up
And New York said it will relax its coronavirus restrictions on nonessential matters.

Texas Stands Out With Coronavirus Abortion Order
Texas is an outlier among states that have banned abortions during the coronavirus lockdown. The 5th Circuit upheld the governor’s executive order, while other courts have overturned similar orders.

Mask Manufacturer Goes After Vendor for Price Gouging
3M has sued an unauthorized seller of its face masks for selling its N95 respirator masks at “grossly inflated” prices.

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