Legal Lasso: Impeachment Hearings Underway

by Tony Flesor

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ACLU Suing GEO Group Over Detainee Death
The ACLU of Colorado is suing GEO Group, the private company that runs the Aurora immigrant detention center, over the death of one of its detainees.

Prosecutors Discuss Evidence in Kelsey Berreth Murder Trial
The Kelsey Berreth murder trial moved into an examination of evidence taken from the murder scene, including blood found under the floor boards.

President Donald Trump Files Paperwork in Colorado
President Donald Trump filed paperwork yesterday to officially enter Colorado’s Republican presidential primary. And he won’t be the only candidate on the ballot.

Pepsi Center Staff Asked Woman to Remove Hijab
The Pepsi Center is being asked to change its policies after a Muslim woman was told to remove her hijab before entering the building.

Investigation Shows Plane Crash was Pilot Error
The National Transportation Safety Board said a plane crash near Centennial Airport was caused by the pilot’s disorientation in poor weather conditions.



Impeachment Hearings Underway
The first public impeachment testimony is happening today, and as of this writing, you can watch it live. So far, William Taylor, acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, has presented new information regarding the Ukraine phone call.

Judge Certifies Women’s Soccer Class Action
A federal judge certified a class action in a lawsuit alleging members of the U.S. Women’s National Team receive unequal pay and work in unequal conditions compared to players on the men’s team.

Supreme Court Arguments Draw Protestors
Demonstrators in support of the DACA program swarmed the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday, where the court heard arguments over the Trump administrations rollback of the DACA program.

A Slide on Trial
In a case that takes Monday-morning quarterbacking to a new level, a high school baseball coach was sued — and litigated his case for seven years — over whether he should be held liable for telling a player to slide into third.

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