Legal Lasso: DA Retracts Judicial Endorsement of Former Prosecutor

by Tony Flesor

In the latest episode of Law Week’s Hearsay podcast, we take a look at a new program offered by the state judicial department to get students thinking about the legal system in a practical way.

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Denver DA Retracts Judicial Endorsement
Denver District Attorney Beth McCann retracted her endorsement of a former prosecutor who faced misconduct allegations while in her office and is now up for a district judge seat.

Ethics Commission Details Hickenlooper Investigation
Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission has released its investigation into whether former Gov. John Hickenlooper improperly accepted gifts in the form of free travel and lodging.

Officials’ Email Out of Reach of CORA
Most state bodies don’t have official email retention policies, but many officials are purging them within a month, thwarting the state’s open records law.

Backcountry Backs Off of Trademark Claims
In the face of boycotts and protests, e-retailer said it is rethinking its strategy of aggressively pursuing trademark claims against small businesses.

AG Asks State Supreme Court to Reconsider Plea Agreement Decision
After asking for more time to evaluate the case, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is asking the Colorado Supreme Court to reconsider its decision on the legality of hundreds of plea agreements.



San Francisco DA Goes Down to the Wire
The San Francisco district attorney race is gaining national attention for his photo finish — only about 2,000 votes separate the two contenders for the job. 

NLRB Previews New Union Rule
Members of the National Labor Relations Board will be coming out with a new rule on when and how unions can enter an employer’s property to organize.

8th Circuit Says Panhandling Law is Unconstitutional
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals said an Arkansas ban on harassing panhandling is likely unconstitutional, and enforcement of the law may be banned statewide.

Attorney Suspended for College Admissions Scandal
BigLaw attorney Gordon Caplan had his law license suspended for his involvement in the college admissions scandal.

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