Up and Coming Lawyers: Eliza Steinberg
Paralegal-turned-lawyer focuses on getting family law clients to a favorable middle ground

by Tony Flesor

Eliza Steinberg had a leg up in law school. As a paralegal at then-Gutterman Griffiths — now known as Griffiths Law — she already had exposure to many legal concepts and had hands-on experience doing a lot of things lawyers do professionally.

Working under shareholder Suzanne Griffiths, she was already drafting motions and briefs that associate attorneys do. The big difference in eventually transitioning from paralegal to lawyer at the firm was in signing her own name onto those documents.

Steinberg now practices in family law at Griffiths Law. Although she’s already spent her entire legal career at the firm, she said she has no intention of leaving. Her long-term plans involve becoming a shareholder at the firm. Besides, the practice area suits her.

That part took some time to figure out, though. Steinberg took the slightly longer path to becoming a lawyer because she was advised during her undergraduate education not to become a lawyer just to become a lawyer. She had already chosen to study political science simply because her parents had both been poli-sci majors. She wanted to make sure that the legal profession was the right fit before jumping in.

Once she began working at the firm, though, she felt that the law was right for her and family law dipped into her other academic interest of psychology.

“Family law really is an intersection of psychology and the law because you are dealing with people who are going through some trauma, the hardest time in their lives and a lot of emotional difficulties,” Steinberg said.

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