Legal Lasso: Patent Attorney Awarded NASA Contract

by Tony Flesor

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Patent Attorney Awarded NASA Contract
A Denver-area pilot and patent attorney was awarded a contract from NASA to develop his drone-spotting flight navigation system.

Colorado Sues Over DACA
A group of states suing the Trump administration over the end of the DACA program has filed its brief. The states argue the decision to repeal the program was unlawful.

Uber Driver Says He Shot Passenger in Self Defense
A former Uber driver accused of killing his passenger says he shot the man in self defense. Prosecutors in the trial urged the jury to use common sense in evaluating what happened.

No Charges in DPS School Bus Incident
The Denver District Attorney’s Office will not file criminal charges related to an altercation caught on camera that involved a parent and two Denver Public School bus workers in Park Hill.

Sen. Bennet Pushes On in Presidential Race
Sen. Michael Bennet raised $2.1 million this quarter for his presidential campaign, a slight drop from the $2.8 million he raised in the previous quarter.


Judge Blocks California Income Tax Law
A federal judge in California blocked a law that requires presidential candidates to disclose their income tax returns before they can appear on the state’s primary ballot.

Judge Says Harvard Doesn’t Discriminate in Admissions
A judge has ruled in favor of Harvard University in a case questioning whether the school’s admissions process forces Asian Americans to clear a higher bar to get in.

Supreme Court Still Setting Setting Environmental Docket
As the U.S. Supreme Court’s session gets underway, it’s still unclear what its docket of environmental cases looks like — a Clean Water Act case might be removed from the docket while a handful of other environmental cases might be added.

Mixed Signals in Law Firm Merger Market
The law firm merger market is strangely confusing at the close of Q3. While announced mergers are up, finalized mergers are down in comparison with 2018 — especially among larger firms. (American Lawyer)

Attorney on the Run Arrested
A disbarred attorney accused of killing his mother was arrested at a thrift store in the next state over.

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