Legal Lasso: Grand Jury to Review De'Von Bailey Case

by Tony Flesor

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Grand Jury Steps in on De’Von Bailey Case
The Colorado Springs police officers involved in the shooting of De’Von Bailey will have their case reviewed by a Grand Jury. But is it coming too late?

Aurora City Council to Decide on Outbreak Reporting
The Aurora City Council is expected to decide tonight whether to require detention facilities, such as the immigration detention facility in Aurora, to announce when there are disease outbreaks.

A Hole in Domestic Abuse Laws
A Colorado law says domestic abusers with protection orders shouldn’t have guns, but a recent incident shows the enforcement of that law is often lax.

Philadelphia Ruling Could Clear Path for Other Supervised Injection Sites
Advocates for supervised injection sites are keeping a close eye on the court ruling that cleared the way for such a site in Philadelphia.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Artist
The estate and family of the man who created the big blue bear sculpture outside the Colorado Convention Center has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a medical team that performed liposuction on the artist the day before his death.



SCOTUS Returns
The Supreme Court is back in session today and will kick off with oral arguments in three cases. The court is hearing two criminal law cases and a patent law case that questions a federal law requiring patent petitioners seeking review of a denial should be required to pay for “all expenses” related to the review.

A Second Whistleblower Steps Up
A second whistleblower has come forward saying they have information about President Donald Trump’s dealing with Ukraine.

McConnell Says He’ll Shield Trump from Impeachment
Regardless of what is learned from the whistleblowers, Sen. Mitch McConnell has said in campaign ads that he will stop any impeachment efforts that make it to the Senate.

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Wildfire Dispute
The Supreme Court won’t take up a multimillion-dollar dispute over an electric company’s role in California wildfires.

Judge Says Trump Doesn’t Have to Turn Over Tax Returns
A federal appeals court said President Trump does not have to turn over his tax returns to the Manhattan district attorney — at least for now.

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