Legal Lasso: Another Senate Candidate Drops Out

by Tony Flesor

Law Week released its latest Hearsay podcast episode last week. In this month’s episode, we again look into the question of what makes for an effective criminal justice system and why prosecutors and public defenders can’t seem to see eye to eye.

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Dan Baer Leaves U.S. Senate Race
Yet another Senate candidate pulled out of the race to make way for John Hickenlooper. Dan Baer, a former ambassador, endorsed Hickenlooper in the race.

JLWOP Inmate Receives New Sentence
A man who served a juvenile life without parole sentence, including 17 years in solitary confinement, received a new sentence that could have him released from prison as soon as 2023.  (Denver Post)

Denver Names Interim Sheriff
The Denver Sheriff’s Department appointed Frances Gomez, the department’s director of professional standards, to serve as interim sheriff following the resignation of Sheriff Patrick Firman. Gomez will be the first woman to lead the department. (Denver Post)

Questions Surround Sheriff’s Resignation
And Firman’s resignation is drawing attention to problems within the department and raising questions as to why Denver is one of the few places in Colorado where the public doesn’t get to decide on who serves as sheriff.

EEOC Sues Denver-Area Employers
The  EEOC has sued two Denver-area employers, alleging they fired workers who suffered epileptic seizures in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. (Denver Post)



Justin Fairfax Sues CBS for Defamation
Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is back in the news with a $400 million defamation lawsuit against CBS, saying the network of amplified sexual assault claims that he says are “false, defamatory and politically-motivated.”

California Keeps Biometrics Out of Body Cams
California approved a ban of any biometric technology in police body cameras until at least 2024, giving time for the technology to improve.

Hard Times at Florida Coastal
Florida Coastal Law School might be lucky to be around in seven days, according to the interim dean who stepped up after the former dean suddenly resigned.

More Schools Get on Board with GRE
Two more law schools are now accepting the GRE as an entrance exam option.

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