Legal Lasso: Immigrant Detainees Speak Out at GEO Group Press Conference

by Tony Flesor

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Detention Center Press Conference Countered by Detainee’s Complaints
During a press conference outside GEO Group’s Aurora immigrant detention center, immigration activists broadcast the stories of people kept inside the facility. Their stories focused on poor conditions and lack of health care.

Walsh Takes on Gun Violence
Senate candidate and former U.S. Attorney John Walsh released a multi-point plan to reduce gun violence yesterday. (Colorado Politics)

Employment Immigration Cases Make it Harder for People to Stay
After having her visa renewal application denied, an Australian woman who has lived in Colorado for the past five years is preparing to “self-deport.” Immigration attorneys have noted an increase in employment immigration cases and more scrutiny on applications. (Denver Post)

Discussing Other Jailhouse Suicides
Jeffrey Epstein’s death is an entry point to talking about other jailhouse suicides. In the Boulder County Jail, there have been three this year. 

Recalls are Hot Right Now
Recall elections are the political mechanism du jour for undoing an unfavorable election. Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia is facing a recall effort, as are three Cripple Creek school board members and Brighton Mayor Ken Kreutzer.


ABA Report Charts Lawyer Salary Growth
Lawyer salaries have doubled over the past 20 years, but that growth has stagnated over the past few years, according to a new ABA report.

9th Circuit Rules Against College Football Players
The 9th Circuit is the latest court to give bad news to student athletes looking to be recognized as NCAA employees. The court said college football players are not NCAA employees entitled to minimum wage and that the revenue generated by college sports doesn’t create an employment relationship.

ABA Urges Congress to Resolve Legal Issues Surrounding Cannabis
The ABA’s House of Delegates approved a resolution urging  Congress to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs in order to resolve legal conflicts over the substance.

Hybrid Model Working for Taylor English Duma
Atlanta-based Taylor English Duma is continuing its expansion of “remote partners” with the addition of a New York-based attorney.  The firm’s hybrid model has it now operating in nine cities and eight states with 20 remote partners. (

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