Legal Lasso: Hickenlooper Makes His Senate Race Official

by Tony Flesor

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Hickenlooper Running for Senate
John Hickenlooper announced the start of his Senate campaign.

Attorney Disbarment
Dennis Hartley, the Colorado attorney who represented Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, was disbarred for a series of misconduct that involved neglecting to safeguard clients’ retainers and sharing legal fees with nonlawyers.

Banks Fighting Over ‘Central Bank’ Name
Two banks are fighting over the title of “Central Bank” in the state. The two banks — one based in Missouri and the other in New Mexico — are calling for special hearings in order to settle the issue.

Man Accused of Murdering Girlfriend
A 25-year-old man was charged with murder and child abuse in relation to the stabbing and shooting death of his girlfriend.

Colorado Springs Will be Space Command HQ
Rep. Doug Lamborn said the headquarters of the U.S.’ new Space Command will be in Colorado Springs. The Defense Department, however, hasn’t yet said where its permanent home will be.


Some Law Schools Surpassing $100,000 Per Year
I suppose it makes sense that if first-year associate salaries are hitting new highs, then law school costs are too. This academic year, Columbia and Stanford’s law schools will pass the $100,000 mark with others not far behind.

Red Flags Used to Prevent Suicide
Colorado’s Red Flag laws are a big topic of conversation here, but in Vermont, the controversial tactic has largely been used to prevent suicides.

Putting a Bar Code on Legal Work
Microsoft will be the first company to use standard legal language, described as similar to a universal product code, to categorize and standardize its legal work.

Court Says Legal Malpractice Can’t Spread to Spouses
A New Jersey attorney isn’t liable for her husband’s alleged legal malpractice, a federal appeals court ruled Aug. 21.

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