Legal Lasso: Boeing's Bellwether Labor Lawsuit Heats Up

by Tony Flesor

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Public Defender Gets Out-of-state Suspension
A deputy public defender in Denver has had her law license suspended by the Missouri Supreme Court in relation to covering up the beating of a handcuffed detainee in 2014.

CU Settles Grad Student’s Lawsuit
The University of Colorado Boulder settled a lawsuit with a former graduate student who alleged the university discriminated against her because she asked to work from home because of illnesses she said were triggered by mold in her office.

Outgoing Ethics Board Leader Seeks to Strengthen the Board
The executive director of the Denver Board of Ethics, and as he prepares to leave the office, he’s asking for an audit of his department, in hopes the city finds it suitable to give it more power.

Aurora Might Ask Detention Center to Report Outbreaks
Following outbreaks of mumps and measles at the immigration detention center in Aurora, the city is considering requiring detention center employees to notify health officials about disease outbreaks.

Couple Sues Adoption Agency Over Sexual Assaults
An Indiana couple is suing a Centennial adoption agency claiming a teenage boy brought from China had an undisclosed history of sexual abuse that led to the rape of their two younger children.


Boeing Labor Dispute Heating Up in the South
A machinists union saw a big win in a fight to unionize Boeing’s South Carolina facility. The case is thought to be a bellwether for other labor fights in the South.

Sentencing Gap Based on Race on the Decline
A new study from The Ohio State University shows disparities in sentencing based on race are on the decline, but it’s a mixed bag for some ethnicities.

Federal Contractor Rule Would Allow Discrimination on Religious Grounds
The Trump administration last week proposed a rule to let businesses with federal contracts cite religious objections as a reason to discriminate against their workers for a wide range of reasons.

US Attorney’s Office Worker Accused of Misusing Office Information
A paralegal in the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey has been indicted for allegedly using government information to identify informants and help her gang member son.

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