A New ‘Marketplace’ on the Market
LexDock startup hopes to put small businesses in control of their legal matters

by Tony Flesor

A Golden startup is looking to connect smaller businesses with attorneys and help promote women and minority attorneys in the process.

LexDock, started by Abeer Abu Judeh, an attorney with a range of public, private and in-house legal experience, is a cloud-based platform for businesses to manage their legal affairs in one place and find attorneys to do the work.

The idea for LexDock came from Abu Judeh’s own experience as an in- house attorney, where she found she was spending a lot of time bouncing from one platform to another to handle documents and communications with other attorneys.

“The way I was dealing with outside counsel while in house, it became clear what we were doing was really antiquated,” Abu Judeh said. “I was managing legal affairs from an email system. If I had a question, I’d scroll through emails.” She said she was managing multiple legal matters for the business through email. And that was at a Fortune 500 company.

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