Legal Lasso: Mueller Testifies Before Congress

by Tony Flesor


No Charges in Officer-Involved Shooting
Denver District Attorney Beth McCann cleared two Lakewood police officers of criminal conduct in the non-lethal shooting of a man who had refused to drop a large knife.

How Police Put License Plate Cameras to Use
Denver Police Department license plate-reading cameras at Sixth Avenue and Federal Boulevard have been used to make 22 charges for stolen vehicles, though they see a lot more going on.

Attorney Censured for Poor Conduct, Harassment Conviction
A Colorado attorney received a public censure for pushing a 5-year-old girl with autism off of his lap and chastising the girl and her mother.

Murder Suspect Uses Insurance Money to Pay for Defense
The Colorado Supreme Court recently cleared a murder suspect of using his dead wife’s life insurance policy to fund his criminal defense. He has since used that money to rehire his private defense attorney.

Sex Offender Registry Pushing Offenders into Rural Areas
Data shows sex offender registry laws are pushing sex offenders into rural and socially challenged areas, since those are the only places that can meet the laws’ requirements.


Diving into Robert Mueller’s Testimony
Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress this morning. He discussed the threat to democracy of Russian interference; reiterated the report’s findings that there was no criminal conspiracy involving President Trump and Russia but stated that the president is not exonerated from criminal wrongdoing as he stated after the reports release. And questioning from Colorado’s Rep. Ken Buck led Mueller to say President Trump could be charged with a crime after he leaves office and his presidency shielded him from charges thus far.

Fox Rothschild’s New Practice
Fox Rothschild just grew in Virginia with a new office and a 15-attorney aviation team.

Courts Getting Whiter
A new report finds state supreme courts are less diverse than they were a generation ago. And judicial elections might be a major contributor to the shift.

Worth it?
An Illinois attorney pleaded guilty to criminal trespass after parachuting off an under-construction courthouse and landing in a nearby police parking lot.

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