Legal Aid Center Navigates the Rabbit Hole of Poverty Law
Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center focuses on representation needs arising in poverty

by Julia Cardi

Family law cases tend to run high with emotion.

They involve marriage dissolution, child custody disputes and fights over assets. And for clients who are poor, victims of domestic violence, have tenuous legal status in the U.S. or are otherwise indigent, their challenges can add another layer of complication to their family law cases. They might want to separate from an abusive partner whom they are financially dependent on. Or an undocumented person might worry about their legal status affecting their case, even though it’s not supposed to affect their rights.

It’s at the intersection of poverty and the areas of law indigent people tend to need legal representation for that the Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center finds its clients. The organization helps clients in four main practice areas: Family law, domestic violence, immigration and bankruptcy.

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