Legal Lasso: STEM School Shooters Face 48 Charges

by Tony Flesor



STEM School Shooters Appear in Court
Both suspects in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting appeared in court yesterday. Combined, they face face 48 charges, including first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Immigration Challenges in the Mountain West
Colorado’s immigration court system is getting national attention. Immigrants living in the mountain regions of the state might be having the hardest time navigating the courts, thanks to bad weather, long commutes to the court and a lack of lawyers in their geographic area.

Colorado Brewery Crosses Guns N’ Roses
Oskar Blues is facing legal trouble from the band Guns N’ Roses over a beer with a strikingly similar name. Here’s how the trademark dispute bubbled up.

Colorado Gets States’ Support in Passport Dispute
Eight states have joined Colorado in asking the U.S. State Department to issue a passport to someone who didn’t subscribe to either of the gender options available on the application. The lawsuit over the issue is currently in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Courts in the Community
The state’s Supreme Court justices gave students at a Westminster high school an opportunity to learn about the courts with its courts in the community program last week when they heard arguments in cases involving expert testimony in a DUI case and free speech on Twitter.



#MeToo in the Law
A global survey of lawyers confirmed some suspicions about women in the legal profession with some hard numbers that might be startling: One-third of female lawyers say they’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace.

Global Law Firm Has a Cash Problem
Just five years into its operations, global law firm CKR Law is facing a “cash flow crunch” is reported to be struggling to pay its partners.

NLRB Says Uber Drivers Aren’t Employees
The NLRB released an advisory memo earlier this week concluding that Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees. Many drivers say they saw the decision coming.

FDA Told to Back Out of Executions
The Food and Drug Administration has no jurisdiction to regulate drugs and devices used in executions, according to a legal opinion by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel.

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