Legal Lasso: Death Penalty Repeal Dies in Legislature

by Tony Flesor

The latest episode of Law Week’s Hearsay podcast is available now. People on both sides of the police reform debate discuss alternatives to litigation after police-involved shootings and how attorneys pursue policy changes instead.


Death Penalty Repeal Laid Over
Democratic lawmakers abandoned their efforts to pass a death penalty repeal bill this session.

Attorney With Denver Roots Tapped for SEC Job
President Donald Trump tapped former Sherman & Howard attorney Allison Lee to be the second Democratic commissioner on the SEC Commission.

Law Puts More Judges in 17th, 18th Districts
A new law is putting additional judges, and related staff, in the 17th and 18th districts. Here’s how it will be put into practice and how it will affect those districts.

Ballot Initiative Planned to Reverse Oil and Gas Bill
The oil and gas bill in the legislature hasn’t passed yet, but there’s already an effort to put a ballot initiative before voters to reverse the bill.

Gorsuch Book Coming in September
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has a book containing his speeches, essays and other writings coming out in September.


Judge Says EEOC Charges Against Perkins Coie Should be Unredacted
A federal judge said a documents with EEOC charges against Perkins Coie as part of a job discrimination suit should be filed without redactions.

House Judiciary Committee to Vote on Mueller Report Subpoena
The House Judiciary Committee will vote today to authorize a subpoena for the full Mueller report. But Democrats on the committee are split over how aggressively they think their chairman should pursue the report.

Trump Takes to Twitter Over Mueller Report’s Release
And President Donald Trump seems less enthusiastic about having the full Mueller report released to Congress, despite calling the findings a total exoneration.

No Convictions in Twin Peaks Shootout
Nobody will be convicted in relation to the massive biker gang shootout outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. The district attorney announced yesterday that all the remaining cases related to the incident have been dismissed.

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