Legal Lasso: ‘I Fought the Law’

by Tony Flesor

I’m really reaching to find the legal connection here, but I just found there’s a holiday I can get behind — International Clash Day. That just happens to be today.

But in other, actual news, teachers are preparing to go on strike, and it’s also really, really cold today.


Polis Looks to Legislature for Death Penalty Decision
Gov. Jared Polis said he would commute the death sentence of Nathan Dunlap to life in prison if the state legislature passed a ban on execution.

Statute of Limitations Bill Moving Through Legislature
A state Senate committee unanimously approved a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for charges against people in positions of authority who fail to report child sex abuse.

DPS Teachers Prepare for Strike
Gov. Jared Polis declined to intervene in a pay dispute between teachers and Denver Public Schools, which clears the way for teachers to go on strike starting Monday.

State Will Investigate Prop 112 Campaign Finance Complaint
The Secretary of State’s Office will investigate a campaign finance complaint against the group that led the failed ballot measure to increase oil and gas setbacks in Colorado.

Bureau of Reclamation Looks to Governors for River Plan
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has opened a comment period where it is asking Western governors to weigh in on how to manage Colorado River water.


Virginia AG Joins Officials in Hot Water
So in addition to the governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia, the state’s attorney general is now in trouble as well. He said yesterday that he wore blackface as a teenager.

Prosecutors Seek to Block Safe Injection Site
Federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania are suing to block the implementation of the country’s first safe injection site, set to be opened in Philadelphia.

Microsoft Readies Legal AI
According to a Microsoft blog, the company has completed work on its “Legal Navigator” — an AI built to help people with limited resources navigate the legal system.

New Dean at Stanford
Stanford Law School has announced its new dean — Jenny Martinez, a human rights scholar who has been with the law school since 2003.

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