Legal Lasso: Denver Launches Diversion Program

by Tony Flesor

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Equal Pay Legislation
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the renewed Equal Pay Act legislation later today.

Denver Looks to Keep More Offenders Out of Jail
Denver is launching a program to reduce jail stays for repeat offenders by diverting offenders picked up for low-level drug charges or prostitution by giving them the option to enroll with a case manager rather than doing time.

Oil and Gas Consultant Faces Fraud Charges
The owner of an oil and gas industry consulting firm is facing charges of defrauding a Weld County landowner out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in mineral royalties.

Catholic Church Investigation
Yesterday, the state Attorney General and a former U.S. Attorney announced an independent investigation of past allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic church. At the press conference, the attorneys behind the investigation and the church leaders discussed the details.

The Details on that Psychedelic Mushroom Ballot Measure
Colorado (Denver specifically) might soon be at the forefront of drug deregulation yet again as voters consider whether to decriminalize psilocybin — or psychedelic mushrooms.


Competency Cases
Judges are more frequently forcing unstable criminal defendants to take medicine in order to pass competency standards for trial, and there are plenty of questions about the effect on the legal system and the communities where theses cases occur.

High-Profile Boutique
The co-chair of Greenberg Traurig’s white collar defense and special investigations practice is leaving the firm to start his own trial boutique.

Roger Stone Might Pay for Social Media Post
Roger Stone has been ordered to appear in court later this week after posting a picture of the judge in his case with a symbol that resembled a crosshair. He might end up having his gag order left in place or having

California Showdown
President Donald Trump is attempting to reclaim federal grant money given to California for a high-speed train project. The Trump administration said it is looking to recover the money because the project hasn’t shown progress, while California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he believes it is retaliation for the state’s lawsuit against the president over his emergency declaration.

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