Legal Lasso: Government Shutdown Hits the Craft Beer Industry

by Tony Flesor


Shutdown Causing Flat Craft Beer Industry
Thousands of Colorado’s federal workers have been hit by the government shutdown, but now it seems the craft beer industry is taking a big hit as well. Sen. Michael Bennet implored the Trump administration to at least think of the beer and reopen the government.

Neguse Joins Judiciary Committee
U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse is joining the House Judiciary Committee. He is among eight House freshmen to join the committee.

Polis’ Tax Plans
Gov. Jared Polis plans on revising Colorado’s tax code in order to cut income taxes by as much as $450 million, but he might be just one of many to try and fail to take on the issue.

Few Applying for Marijuana Conviction Review
The program offering to expunge low-level marijuana convictions in Denver and Boulder is off to a slow start. Of the 14,000 people eligible, only a few dozen have applied thus far.

Weiser Opposes Colorado Independent’s First Amendment Case
Attorney General Phil Weiser opposed The Colorado Independent’s petition before the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on the publication’s First Amendment fight for sealed court records. Weiser said the case is not about general access to the courts but is a fight over access to a small subset of sealed documents.


Judge Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Judge Jeffrey Johnson, a California appellate judge, is facing sexual misconduct allegations that date back 20 years and include groping a fellow judge and demonstrating generally poor demeanor toward court employees.

First Amendment Concerns from the DOJ
The Department of Justice is considering changing how prosecutors get information from journalists. The new rules are believed to make it easier to subpoena journalists’ records and to remove a requirement to inform a media organization of an incoming subpoena.I

And Other First Amendment Concerns
And President Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general said he can’t rule out jailing reporters “as a last resort” when journalists are reporting something that is “hurting the country.”

President Donald Trump has been pulling heavily from law firm partner ranks for judicial appointments. Of 42 attorneys tapped for appellate appointments, 16 have come directly from law firm partner positions.

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