Fresh Perspectives in Western Union’s Legal Department

by Law Week

By Julia Cardi and Doug Chartier, Law Week Colorado

Western Union has some new faces in its legal department. General Counsel Caroline Tsai joined in December 2017, and in a little over a year has made an impression on the people who have come since. She’s pointed to as an inspiring mentor, and understands how Western Union has to adapt in the privacy and security realm.

Esther Lim, now the director of privacy in the office of general counsel, came to the company last August from WilmerHale. She very much enjoyed private practice and her career change wasn’t driven by a desire to leave the firm so much as her recognizing the opportunity at Western Union may not have come around again.

“I had no plans to leave, until I met Caroline Tsai,” Lim said. She called Tsai an “inspiring leader” who’s willing to mentor younger lawyers, and Western Union’s wide reach internationally appealed to Lim. “Even though I didn’t feel like I was ready to leave Wilmer, this was an opportunity that I didn’t think would come back when I was ready.”

Lim said Tsai has an eye for shoring up privacy issues and making sure Western Union is ready for that rapidly changing environment around privacy.

Bill Min, a Western Union deputy general counsel who also serves as its chief privacy and data governance officer, is another newcomer to the company’s legal department in Denver. Min joined Western Union in April after being recruited by Tsai.

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