Up & Coming Lawyers: Lindsey Sadler

From the time Lindsey Sadler was about 5 years old, she wanted to be an architect. She often drew floor plans for houses while in class, and on her travels as a child, she was fascinated with how buildings in different places looked. So it was a natural progression that she became an intellectual property litigator.

Sadler studied architecture and environmental design as an undergraduate, but ultimately decided she enjoyed architecture more as a personal interest than as a career. Her mother, also a lawyer, worked in real estate while Sadler was in college, which she said seemed like a natural progression from architecture.

“Watching my mom, growing up with my mom as a lawyer, I just decided to give it a shot,” Sadler said. “I took the LSAT, applied to law school, and I realize it’s probably the best decision I’ve made.”

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