Legal Lasso: Weiser Hopes to Settle Clarence Moses-EL Dispute

by Tony Flesor

Have you checked out the latest episode of Law Week Colorado’s Hearsay podcast? The new episode discusses how attorneys working on a 37-year-old (and running) case manage its sprawl.



Coffman Asks to Postpone Clarence Moses-EL Trial
Attorney General-elect Phil Weiser said he hopes to settle a lawsuit filed by Clarence Moses-EL, who spent 28 years in prison on a wrongful conviction. Because a settlement may be pursued, current AG Cynthia Coffman has asked to postpone the financial-compensation trial.

Accused CDOT Hackers Indicted
The incident already seems like a distant memory, but a federal grand jury indicted two Iranian men accused of hacking and holding CDOT’s computer system hostage earlier this year.

Hickenlooper Talks Business
Gov. John Hickenlooper attended a talk hosted by the Pew Charitable Trusts where he discussed how he sought to promote business development in Colorado during his term in office.

Study Says Dakota Access Pipeline Losses are Due to Social Risk
A report published by CU’s First Peoples Investment Engagement Program said the companies involved in constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline lost at least $7.5 billion because they did not account for the effects of the development on and around indigenous lands.

Sen. Bennet Talks Affordable Housing Legislation
Sen. Michael Bennet said he’s planning on introducing legislation that would try to curb evictions across the country and sidestepped questions about a report of his potential presidential run.



Michael Cohen Admits to Lying to Congress
Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to making false statements about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in testimony last year to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

New Partners Dissatisfied With the Role
Partnership at some law firms isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, according to a new report by American Lawyer and ALM Intelligence. More than 70 percent of new partners were dissatisfied with some aspect of partnership, and 71 percent said they were dissatisfied with the compensation.

Jay-Z Says AAA Only Offers ‘Token’ Black Arbitrators
Jay-Z and his attorneys at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan are accusing the American Arbitration Association of lacking a slate of African-American arbitrators capable of handling “large and complex cases,” contradicting the organization’s claims about its diversity.

Beer Companies Settle Out of Court
MillerCoors announced it reached a settlement with Pabst Brewing Co., as a Wisconsin state court jury deliberated over the smaller competitor’s $400M contract claims against it.

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