Legal Lasso: Election Wrap-Up

by Tony Flesor

There is a lot of election news to wrap up. There are a lot of places to find information, so we’ve selected the stories that are most relevant to our legal audience. Read on below!

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Phil Weiser Wins AG Seat
Phil Weiser is victorious in the attorney general’s race. If you were watching last night, this was probably the first race you checked out, since Republican candidate George Brauchler left election night events without conceding.

Jason Crow Wins House Seat
Colorado got in on the House blue wave with attorney Jason Crow winning his hotly contested race for Congressional District 6.

18th District Judge Voted Out
The judicial nominating commissions succeeded in encouraging voters to oust 18th Judicial District Judge Phillip Douglass who received a recommendation not to be retained.

Voters Say No to Ballot Measures
Despite the long list of initiatives on this year’s ballot — or maybe because of them — voters turned down most major measures, and maybe most noteworthy: both oil and gas measures.

Colorado’s Blue Wave
Many of the state’s major races went blue — Jared Polis became the first openly gay governor and the state Senate will flip Democrat as well.



What the Senate Majority Means for the Judiciary
One highlight for Republicans last night was their success in growing their Senate majority. And that might have a big impact on the federal judiciary.

Trump Has a Divided Government
President Donald Trump will have a more heated political divide to deal with; and that might appeal to his combative nature.

Arkansas Re-Elects Litigious Justice
In Arkansas, voters re-elected a Supreme Court justice who sued over attack ads funded by conservative groups.

Law School’s Growing Popularity
A new poll shows that law school is increasingly popular for its public interest opportunities.

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