CWBA Celebrates Equal Pay Win

DU 8’ honored for EEOC case against law school

The “DU 8” — the group of tenured University of Denver Sturm College of Law professors who received a settlement after bringing pay discrimination complaints against the law school — keep finding ways to celebrate their legal win.

The Colorado Women’s Bar Association, CWBA Foundation and a list of more than 100 sponsors hosted an event Tuesday at the Denver Athletic Club to celebrate the professors for their win in the larger war for pay equity. The organization’s event brought together the professors along with a crowded banquet hall of attendees to toast the group.

The DU 8 — as they’ve come to be known — gained recognition in the community for bringing an EEOC complaint against the DU law school for a gap in wages between male and female faculty. In 2013, DU Law professor Lucy Marsh learned she was being paid significantly less than professors much younger and less experienced than her. Marsh had been teaching at the school since 1973 and was the lowest-paid member of the faculty by roughly $40,000, as she learned.