Moving Up

As urban spaces become more dense, rooftop leases become more popular

Anyone who’s seen a bee buzzing around downtown has come into contact with the growing use of rooftop real estate.

As cities become denser and street-level property goes to other uses, rooftops become more and more popular for some of the more unsightly things, such as cell towers and solar panels. More and more, though, building owners are recognizing the value of rooftops for other uses that might not fit as easily into an urban landscape or that are just easier to enjoy once they’re up in the fresh air and clear sky — such as bars, social venues, gardens or beehives.

But with each of these uses, there are specific considerations for building owners. While it might seem like an obvious advantage to rent out unused rooftop space for something like a cell tower, there are concerns about length of term, structural integrity and the interplay between different installations to consider.

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