Legal Lasso: VF Corp Preps its Denver Office

by Tony Flesor



VF Corp Moving in Near Union Station
VF Corp. is coming in hot — the outdoor retailer parent company quickly made a deal to move into Bentall Kennedy’s 10-story building at 1551 Wewatta St., near Union Station.

Campaign Finance Complaint
A Denver election law attorney filed a complaint Monday alleging campaign finance violations by a group of nonprofits that are backing five unaffiliated legislative candidates in Colorado.

Prosecutors Ask to Seal Autopsy Records
Prosecutors have asked the judge to seal the coroner’s autopsy reports in the case of the Frederick man accused of killing his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. The affidavit cites the interest surrounding the case and the importance of the autopsy records as evidence for the seal request.

Walker Stapleton’s PERA Fight in Hindsight
Through legal and political battles over his eight years in office, Treasurer Walker Stapleton leaves a “complicated record” in his push for public pension reform.

Google Pushing Alternative Transportation
Would you take public transportation for $5 a day? Google in Boulder is offering its employees money to leave their cars at home and keep the roads clear.



IBM Sued for Age Discrimination
IBM is facing an age discrimination lawsuit after firing thousands of employees. The lawsuit claims that three of them were fired because of their age.

GDPR Penalties Might not be Insurable
A leading international insurance broker said companies should “assume nothing” regarding whether their insurance would cover penalties under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Immigration Judge’s Impartiality Questioned
The appointment of a military judge who oversaw a Guantanamo detainee’s case to an immigration judge position is cause for concern, attorneys say. His pending application with the DOJ while handling that case should throw doubt on his impartiality in the case’s proceedings.

Bill Would Remove PACER Charges
A bill before Congress would prohibit charges for using PACER. So, as a journalist who covers the courts, I’d call this a good idea!

Felony Charges for Oil and Gas Protests
After several states moved to make it harder to protest oil and gas projects, Louisiana protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline are the first to face felony charges for their actions.

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