Legal Lasso: Brett Kavanaugh Faces New Accusations

by Tony Flesor



A Local Connection to the Kavanaugh Allegations
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces a new accusation of sexual misconduct, this time from a Boulder woman whom he knew in his college years. A lawyer with the Boulder firm Hutchinson Black and Cook is representing the accuser.

Judicial Branch to Open Suppressed Records
The state Judicial Branch is considering new criteria to open up sealed court records after the Denver Post investigated judges’ decisions to seal court cases.

Colorado Makes News for Intersex Birth Certificate
Colorado became one of the first states in the country to issue an intersex birth certificate. The birth certificate was issued to a Florida resident who wrote about it on a blog.

Immigration Policy Depends on Outlook
Colorado’s record on immigration comes down to perspective; unsurprisingly, the state’s gubernatorial candidates have opposite perspectives on the issue.

Lawmaker Threatened Over Kavanaugh Comments
Rep. Patrick Neville said he canceled a trip to Colorado Springs out of fear for his family’s safety after receiving threats over Twitter following his comments about a satirical article about Brett Kavanaugh’s allegations.



Masterpiece Cakeshop Attorney Moves to Civil Rights Post
A former attorney with Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe and the American Civil Liberties Union who served on the team that represented a same-sex couple in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case is moving to a civil rights job in New Jersey.

Kavanaugh Allegations Go Before Senate
Kavanaugh’s original accuser, Christine Blasey Ford is said to have reached an agreement with the Senate Judiciary Committee and will testify on Thursday.

Rosenstein on the Bubble
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said he expects to be fired at a meeting at the White House this morning; if he’s correct, the move creates new questions about the security of Robert Mueller and his investigation.

Another Wrinkle to Allergan Case
The Native American tribe at the heart of a major patent case sued a pharmaceutical company for patent infringement.

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