Legal Lasso: West Virginia House Votes to Impeach Justices

by Tony Flesor



Hickenlooper Pushes for Domestic Violence Bill
Gov. John Hickenlooper is lobbying for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which Congress shelved while it takes its August recess. Hickenlooper might be trying to raise his profile in Washington with such moves.

City Council Considering Publicly Funding Political Campaigns
The Denver City Council is considering a proposal to give public money city to political campaigns. As a trade-off, the new rules would reduce the amount donors can give and ban corporate donations.

Aurora Gets a New Mayoral Candidate
The president of the Aurora NAACP, Omar Montgomery, is running for mayor of the city. The current sitting mayor does not plan to run in 2019.

Charges Filed in Cold Case
The man linked to the 1984 murder of a 50-year-old woman was formally charged with first-degree murder and first-degree sexual assault.

Colorado to Add to Congressional Crew?
Colorado’s growth means it will likely gain a congressional seat following the 2020 census. It is one of six states expected to grow its representative count.



West Virginia Votes to Impeach
West Virginia’s House of Delegates voted yesterday to impeach all four of the state’s supreme court justices — one has already resigned and the remaining three will now be tried in the Senate.

Will it be a Blue Wave Today?
A handful of states have votes for governors and state representatives today, but Democrats are watching all races as key contests.

Manafort Prosecution Rests
The Prosecution rests in the Paul Manafort trial. Their last witness was a bank official who provided Manafort with a loan despite his comfort level with doing so.

AI in Law Enforcement
Will the influence of AI in law enforcement lead to a change in how laws are written? This op-ed questions whether laws will be handled more according to the letter of the law and whether that will affect how they’re created in the first place.

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