Legal Lasso: VF Corp to Move to Denver

by Tony Flesor

Happy Monday! The week might just be starting, but since the end of last week, plenty of big news broke. For instance, a 1984 cold case has been solved and Denver will be getting a major corporate HQ moving to town.



State Reaches Settlement for Strip Searches
State officials have reached a $1 million settlement with the families of 20 developmentally disabled patients at the Pueblo Regional Center who were strip-searched in 2015 without permission from family or guardians.

Cold Case Resolved
A string of murders and assaults from 1984 were linked to a Nevada inmate through the use of DNA evidence. The DA handling the case said it was justice delayed but not justice denied.

Marijuana Still Thriving in Denver
The City of Denver’s annual marijuana report shows that recreational marijuana is still growing and the money is being put to good use.

The North Face Moving West
VF Corp., the parent company of brands like The North Face and Smartwool announced that it is bringing its headquarters, and 800 high-paying jobs, to Denver.

No Polis Presence at Club 20
After declining the invitation himself, Jared Polis will not be allowed to send a surrogate to the Club 20 debate in Grand Junction on his behalf.



Save the Date
Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a date set for his big meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee — his nomination hearings will begin Sept. 4

Cracking Down on Crypto
At top Treasury financial crime enforcer at an Aug. 9 conference blamed cryptocurrency exchangers for lax enforcement of money laundering regulations, but changes might be coming.

Trump Slams Sessions
President Donald Trump took to Twitter to dress down Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom Trump said was “scared stiff and missing in action” regarding text messages from Andrew McCabe.

Peter Strzok Fired from FBI
And Peter Strzok, the FBI senior counterintelligence agent who disparaged President Trump in inflammatory text messages and helped oversee the Hillary Clinton email and Russia investigations, was fired.

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