Legal Lasso: Michael Best Grows in Colorado

by Tony Flesor



Michael Best on the Rise
Michael Best is continuing to grow in the Rockies with the acquisition of a seven-attorney Boulder firm focused on representing startups.

Elway Could Have Violated Protective Order
Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer said John Elway violated an order not to discuss the ongoing collusion case when he spoke about Kaepernick turning down a contract in Denver.

CSU Professor’s Retaliation Case Goes to Court
A former CSU professor is going to court today for her sexual harassment retaliation case. She claims she was denied tenure and forced to resign after being harassed.

Judge Freezes Real Estate Investor’s Assets
A Denver judge froze the assets of a real estate investor who was indicted on felony securities fraud charges.

Man Accused of Killing Family Claims Wife Was Involved
A man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters said he killed his wife in a rage after discovering that she had strangled their children after he sought a separation.



Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Hacking
Microsoft said yesterday that it had discovered Russian hackers attacked Republican think tank websites and stole users’ information.

West Virginia Justice Involved in Ruling Scandal
One impeached West Virginia Supreme Court justice had voted to reopen a case and reverse a ruling that would have forced oil and gas drillers to pay more in profits to residents. The case also might have benefitted her husband, who owned stock in several energy companies.

Tribal Immunity Could be Reconsidered
The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe and Allergan asked the Federal Circuit court to reconsider a ruling that said tribal sovereign immunity can’t protect patents from Patent Trial and Appeal board review.

Throwing Around Accusations
A lawyer in Memphis has been suspended for filing motions to recuse three appellate judges that accused them of “rigging the game” and for describing an opinion as a “purposeful fabrication.” 

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