Legal Lasso: Judge Keeps Rocky Flats Open

In non-legal news, today’s news has plenty of unsettling / climate / change news as well as a triple homicide that literally hit close to home for Law Week’s parent company, located on South Broadway.



Judge Keeps Rocky Flats Open
A federal judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction that would have kept the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge closed pending more study on the safety of the trails.

Protesters Prepare for Zinke Visit
Steamboat Springs prepares for a Ryan Zinke visit with Interior officials and protesters taking opposing sides on Department of the Interior policies regarding endangered species.

Gaia Goes After Filmmaker for Defamation
A conspiracy theorist filmmaker is being sued by Louisville-based Gaia for defamation after lashing out publicly about the company in her online videos.

Voters to Decide on Education Increase
A ballot initiative will appear on the ballot that asks whether the state should raise money for education by taxing corporations and wealthy citizens. The initiative seeks to raise $1.6 billion. The issue is just one tax measure that voters will decide on in November.

EEOC Investigating Senior Care
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against a senior care company in Colorado with claims that it failed to investigate sexual harassment allegations.



Fish & Richardson Won’t Match Cravath
Cravath won the bidding war for top-tier salaries. Fish & Richardson is drawing its line and won’t be following Cravath beyond the $180,000 it jumped to in 2016.

GCs Considering Big Four
As the Big Four accounting firms move into the legal services world, general counsel are considering making the move over — but so far it’s unclear who will follow through.

Trump Criticizes NFL Players
NFL players resumed racial protests during the National Anthem yesterday, and President Donald Trump took to Twitter again to criticize their actions.

Manafort Trial Reaching End Stage
After two weeks of testimony, prosecutors are expected to rest their case in the Paul Manafort trial today.

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