Legal Lasso: Anadarko Faces Investor Lawsuit

by Tony Flesor



Anadarko Sued for Events Surrounding Firestone Explosion
Anadarko investors have re-filed a class action complaint claiming that management is responsible for lost stock value and that they were aware of safety problems ahead of the deadly Firestone home explosion.

DPS Violated Students’ Rights
Denver Public Schools violated the rights of some students with disabilities in the district’s decisions regarding who received support from a teacher’s aide.

Men More Likely to be Driving Drunk
A new report from the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice found that 75 percent of DUI arrests are men.

New Procedures for Mayoral Investigations
The Denver City Council approved new rules that would require complaints against the mayor to now trigger an outside investigation.

City Council Passes Income Discrimination Regs
The City Council also approved new regulations that prevent landlords from discriminating renters based on income. Landlords are no longer able to turn down renters with housing vouchers or other unconventional sources of income.



Rick Gates Testifies
Rick Gates, the star witness for the prosecution’s side in the Paul Manafort trial, took the stand yesterday and detailed his and Manafort’s history of tax evasion, bank fraud and hiding offshore accounts.

Infowars Pulled from Media Channels
Apple, Facebook and YouTube have all removed Alex Jones’ “Infowars” from their services after he said he wanted to have a showdown — “politically speaking” — with Robert Mueller. Some are saying the tech companies are making a political move to censor speech they don’t like.

Judge Rules Against Jailing Debtors
A federal judge in New Orleans last week ruled that it is unconstitutional for people who fail to pay court fines and fees to be jailed without giving them a chance to plead poverty in an “neutral forum.”

Clarence Thomas’ Impact
Justice Clarence Thomas has had a big impact on the government — 22 of his former clerks have landed Trump administration jobs or judicial nominations.

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