Legal Lasso: Will Colorado House BLM HQ?

by Tony Flesor



BLM is Moving West
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is coming through on a plan to relocate the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to the West. The actual location is still TBD, though.

It’s Getting Worse to be a Skier
A Snowmass ski instructor is suing a student for allegedly skiing into him and causing neck and back injuries. The skiier said he didn’t see the instructor.

Separation of Church and State
A district court judge ruled that the Douglas County School District violated the First Amendment when one of the district’s schools organized a fundraising drive for a religious mission trip to Guatemala. The lawsuit was brought by a parent who said her son felt coerced into contributing to the fundraiser.

Ongoing Funding Problems in 3rd District
3rd District Attorney Henry Solano told commissioners in Huerfano and Las Animas counties that due to underfunding in his district — a long-running problem — his office will begin dismissing cases in order to focus his prosecutorial staff on on others.

CU Officials Cleared in Tumpkin Lawsuit
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against CU head football coach Mike MacIntyre, athletic director Rick George, chancellor Phil DiStefano and president Bruce Benson filed by the woman who accused former Buffs assistant coach Joe Tumpkin of domestic violence.



Can You Milk an Almond?
Have you ever stopped and wondered what really makes milk “milk”? Two different food industry groups did, and the FDA soon will, with a contest over whether milk must come from a mammal.

News Organizations Go After 9/11 Docs
A Florida news organization urged the 11th Circuit to revive its bid for access to documents related to potential Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks, arguing there is evidence the FBI’s response to the records request was not done in good faith.

Law School Merger
In legal education, the University of Illinois at Chicago has agreed to a merger with John Marshall Law School, which will create Chicago’s first public law school.

Retaliation from the VA
A new report found that VA whistleblowers are much more likely than their non-whistleblowing colleagues to face discipline or be removed for their misconduct.

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