Legal Lasso: Walker Stapleton has a Running Mate



Stapleton’s Running Mate
Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton announced that he’s picked Navy Top Gun pilot, Rep. Lang Sias, as his running mate.

Backflipping FBI Agent Gets his Gun Back
A judge ruled that the FBI agent who accidentally shot someone while dancing at Mile High Spirits in downtown Denver can have his gun back for on- and off-duty carry.

A Mint Condition Card Worth a Mint
A Denver lawyer is the proud owner of a $10 million 1952 Micky Mantle baseball card, and he doesn’t take its value lightly. Even though the card is on display at the History of Colorado Center, he’s careful about protecting it.

Auto Collisions are a “Public Health Crisis”
The Denver Streets Partnership said Pedestrians and cyclists in Denver are facing a “public health crisis” and said 29 people have been killed after being hit by vehicles already this year. The partnership called for greater investment in road infrastructure.

Broomfield Amends Oil and Gas Regs
Broomfield City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to amend sections of the municipal code regarding oil and gas regulations that requires oil and gas operators to prioritize public safety.



Reunification Deadline is Firm, Not Aspirational
A federal judge told the Trump administration that he would not extend the deadlines for the federal government to reunite separated immigrant families. President Donald Trump’s solution to solving the problem is to “tell people not to come to our country illegally.”

Trump Pardons Ranchers
President Donald Trump pardoned Dwight and Steven Hammond, two men convicted of starting fires that spread to public land — their release was one of the demands that sparked the armed takeover and standoff of a refuge on federal lands.

Boston Firms Lacking in #MeToo Era
A recent study shows that BigLaw firms in the Boston area are lacking in addressing sexual harassment and discrimination issues in the #MeToo era.

Brett Kavanaugh is a Good Guy
Regardless of his judging, Brett Kavanaugh is by all accounts a decent guy. Make of that what you will.

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